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One of our biggest achievements in 2019..

Posted: 14-Oct-2020

One of our biggest achievements in 2019 was to be involved with the development of the Drinks Dispense Technician apprenticeship, the second was to actually have two apprentices, Matt Paris & Mike Leather on the launch of the first cohort in November 2019.

Richard Hewitt Account Manager - Apprenticeship Team, Employer Responsive, City of Wolverhampton College, goes on to advise that……

The 18-month scheme will enable apprentices to combine working as field engineers in the industry with studying for a Level 3 engineering drinks dispense technician qualification, delivered by the college, on a block release basis every month.  

The programme covers a wide range of tasks and will equip the apprentices with skills in plumbing, electrics, refrigeration, gas pressure systems and pipework, as well as fault finding, problem solving, customer service, training, product quality, time and workload management, health and safety, and industry codes of practice. 

The initiative got underway on Monday, December 2nd 2019, with the first group of ten apprentices – including two staff from City Dispense, Matthew Paris and Michael Leather, attending their first week of training at Marston’s Talent Academy in Summerfield Road, Wolverhampton.       

The training is being delivered by brewing industry expert Iain Ramage, former technical director at AB InBev and, in preparation for the launch of the scheme, the academy has been kitted out with a range of equipment to ensure the apprentices develop the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out the installation, maintenance and repair of complex drinks dispensing systems across the country.  

The programme is being delivered by the City of Wolverhampton College (CoWC), with industry expert Iain Ramage of Tapin2Dispense, who delivers masterclasses at Marston’s Talent Academy in Wolverhampton. Using the Marston’s training drinks dispense facilities is a short-term solution, longer term the CoWC will have new drinks dispense facilities as part of a campus move, into the city of Wolverhampton during 2020.


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